eda multiple grpah plot in one axis

i draw a multiple graph in movie data analytics but graph not clear .
can u please tell me how to sort these problemdownload

I am assuming you mean creating subplots, and how to share axis for such subplots. Go through the official link attached below to understand better about such plots.

i share google colab screen shot kindly see

barplots can be drawn when there are finite number of bins to plot on x-axis. You can see that there are huge number of bins on x-axis and that’s why your plot looks bad. please bin imdb_rating and totmatometer_rating data in different bins like 0-50,50-100 etc. and then do this kind of plot. Please observe before you need to check the data type of variable to plot. In case of bar plot one of the variables need to be categorical or have finite number of values.

Ok sir thank you