DataFrame with dictionary as input

SeriesD=pd.DataFrame({“A”:1,“B”:2,“C”:3}) , this line resulting in a ValueError, is asking for an index value, but it should automatically define 0 in the index. What is the reason behind this?

Below works good

The reason for the error in the code SeriesD=pd.DataFrame({“A”:1,“B”:2,“C”:3}) is that the values in the dictionary passed to the pd.DataFrame constructor are interpreted as a single row of data, and without specifying an index, Pandas will automatically create a default integer index starting from 0.

However, the default integer index only works if you pass a 2D data structure, such as a list of dictionaries or a NumPy array, to the pd.DataFrame constructor. When passing a single dictionary, Pandas will raise a ValueError if an index is not specified.

To avoid this error, you can either specify an index as a list when creating the DataFrame, as in SeriesD = pd.DataFrame({“A”:1,“B”:2,“C”:3}, index=[0]), or wrap the dictionary in a list to create a 2D data structure, as in SeriesD = pd.DataFrame([{“A”:1,“B”:2,“C”:3}]).

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