Changing default schema in PGADMIN

Here I am unable to change the schem

Even after changing it shows public only.How to change to other schema which is created.

The default schema is always public in postgresql even if you create a new schema. So when you do

SELECT current_schema;

you will always get public. and you can select any table in public schema without specifying the schema name before it. for eg. if genre is the table name in public then you can access it directly like this


you do not need to write public.genre to access genre. But if genre is in game schema then for accessing it you need to do this

SELECT * FROM game.genre

If you want to make game the default schema, please run this command

SET search_path TO game;

now if you run the below command

SELECT current_schema;

you will get game in output and now you can access tables in game schema directly like this